How AI can help with marketing

How AI can help with marketing

Emily Tomlin

February 6, 2023

The pandemic sped up the changes in marketing at double speed. In the high growth London, Cambridge, Oxford golden triangle there are many innovative firms at the forefront of change, but many had to review their marketing approach almost overnight. Whilst many have seen huge benefits from the changes they’ve made, the marketing arms race has only just begun and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the new tool for many marketeers.

AI has rapidly transformed the way businesses operate and how they market themselves to customers. In the realm of marketing, AI has proven to be a valuable tool that can help organisations reach their target audience more effectively, increase their return on investment, and gain a competitive advantage. AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of customer data to create individualised and targeted marketing messages. This type of marketing can increase the relevance and impact of marketing efforts, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. It can also help marketeers predict future customer behaviour based on past interactions and buying patterns – a seismic shift for consumer good firms. This information can be used to create effective marketing campaigns that anticipate customer needs and drive more sales. SEO will be transformed by the content creation capabilities of AI, which can generate ideas, write headlines, and even whole articles. However, it’s in the field of customer service that we may actually “see” the biggest impact. Whilst algorithms tracking buying habits happen anonymously, customer service chatbots and virtual assistants may see teams reduced. They can provide 24/7 support, implementing fast response times and improving customer satisfaction.

The problem with marketing historically is that about 50% of it worked and I can’t remember who coined the follow up “the problem is that you just don’t know which 50%”, but AI and digital marketing can work hand in hand to analyse data from previous marketing campaigns to determine what strategies were most successful. This can inform future campaigns having a material effect on ROI.

The landscape is changing fast, with personalisation and ROI at the heart of modern marketing teams’ approach. AI will continue to enhance this!

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