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Why is Cambridge a great place to work?

Why is Cambridge a great place to work?

Simon Roderick

February 21, 2023

Fram Professionals focuses on placing the best legal, finance, and marketing talent in the London-Oxbridge golden triangle. There are so many high growth and innovative firms that we feel it’s a great area to build a career in, but let’s look into this in more detail why Cambridge is a great place to live and work.

Cambridge is a city renowned for its rich history, cultural diversity, and innovative spirit, making it a great place to work for professionals from a wide range of industries. It has a thriving jobs market, and is home to a large number of high-tech companies and research institutions, making it a hub for the tech, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. The city has a thriving job market and consistently ranks high on lists of best cities for job seekers.

Of course, it is home to two of the world's leading universities, the University of Cambridge and MIT. This means that the city attracts a large number of highly-skilled professionals and researchers, providing a talented pool of potential employees for companies. It is a global hub for scientific and technological research, making it an attractive destination for companies looking to recruit top talent. With a large number of universities and research institutions in the area, companies have access to a pool of highly-skilled professionals and a vibrant network of academics and scientists.

Many of us have enjoyed punting on the river, but in general Cambridge offers its residents a high quality of life, with a range of cultural, recreational, and entertainment options. The city has a rich history, beautiful parks, and excellent restaurants (with a surprising number of Michelin stars). May people enjoy visiting for a day trip, but why not live and work there instead?

Without doubt Cambridge is a city that offers its residents and employees a unique combination of a thriving job market, access to world-class talent, a high quality of life, and a strong economy. Whether you are an entrepreneur, researcher, or professional, Cambridge provides an ideal environment for personal and professional growth.

If you’re hiring or looking for role in the area, we’d be delighted to assist.

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