Venture-Backed and Growth Company Recruitment

Fram has a long tradition of working with venture capital firms and high growth companies, through our sister brand, Fram Search. Fram Search has long standing relationships with many of the leading VC firms in the UK.

Fram Professional's service is aimed at high growth firms. Whilst we work across the UK, we are conveniently located in the middle of the university golden triangle of London, Oxford, and Cambridge. This is an area of huge levels of innovation and is supported by professional services firms, who can support high growth and VC-backed firms.

We understand the challenges associated with the various stages of growth and funding cycles, and the implications these have on talent strategy. Therefore, Fram is ideally placed to assist clients on hiring and organisational structure issues. We are able to advise on remuneration and retention schemes, induction and integration, and general market conditions.

We are sector agnostic, with our focus on finding individuals with a suitable track record/or the mindset to work in growth companies, which can often be less structured than established firms. We also have an understanding of the expectations of venture capital and private equity investments in terms of reporting and delivery.

Our experienced and stable team take a human and creative approach to hiring challenges. We are augmented this with an outstanding tech stack, which provides us with the ability to identify, attract, and screen talent from a very broad universe. Fram only works on roles where we feel we can add the most value, and we are committed to being quality over quantity recruiters.


We go far beyond average to find business transforming talent.

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Roles covered:

Senior Management

Finance & Accounting

Legal Compliance

Sales & Business Development




Why use Fram Professionals for your recruitment needs?


Fram Professionals' sister company Fram Search has extensive experience of working with Venture Capital and high growth firms. We understand the challenges and unique dynamics of high growth firms.


The Fram Group bring extensive experience and outstanding success rates across our specialist practices. We utilise a proven process to identify, engage and screen top industry talent in an efficient manner, without compromising on quality.


We place our clients and candidates at the centre of everything we do. We work closely with our clients to understand your culture and needs. Rather than focusing on KPIs, our consultants are measured on client satisfaction and value add.

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